Home Remedies for Arthritis in Dogs

The following are 5 Ways You Can Help Your Dog Fight Against Arthritis

Low Impact Exercise

treatment for arthritis in dogs,arthritis pain relief for dogs,treating arthritis in dogs,joint care for dogs,arthritis relief for dogsLimited Low Impact exercise is one of the best ways to keep your dogs joints healthy. ……………….and swimming is possibly the best way to do this.

This doesn’t mean that your dog should do hours of swimming every day, but a limited time swimming on a couple of days a week will keep the muscles healthy and help the joints as well.

 Change the Diet

If you don’t already follow a diet for your pet which is high in joint protection ………..then you should look into it. No matter their age it is never too early to think about building their joint health up.

Many brands of dog food advertise to help with joint and muscle health, find the one that suits your dog and stick with it.

It pays to find out, maybe form the vets, what your dogs ideal weight is. At his ideal weight you will decrease the stress on the joints, and as fat is a source of inflammation in the joints it will help this as well.

Keep Your Dog Warmer & Make His Bed Softer

As with humans dogs get worse arthritic pain when they are colder so keeping your dog warmer, especially in winter will pay dividends.

medication for dogs with arthritis,anti inflammatory drugs for dogs,dog arthritis pain relief over the counter,medication for arthritis in dogsYou may consider a pet sweater, or a basket with higher sides to stop drafts, or maybe one of the many variations of memory foam dog beds that are on the market now. It is also a good idea, as we do at our house, to put an old bed quilt under the dog basket, and also to put one under his/her favorite rug. Just makes life that bit more comfortable as they grow older.


Again, as in humans, a massage on the effected joints of your dog can work wonders.best anti inflammatory for dogs,dog arthritis meds,dog supplements for arthritis,what to give a dog for arthritis,canine arthritis treatment

You can either perform a gentle massage on your pet or bring in one of the many mobile pet treatment services that are around now.

Massage will increase your dogs flexibility and circulation in the joints. It will also make him/her feel a lot better.


dog supplements for joints,supplements for arthritis in dogs,medication for dog arthritis,anti inflammatory meds for dogs,home remedies for dog arthritisAs our pets age, it may be useful to put some gentle ramps around the house to help them do those things they used to take for granted. Jumping on a couch or bed or going upstairs

Helping them to keep doing the things they have done all their lives will increase their sense of well being

You can either use your DIY skills to create some help for your dog, or visit a pet store where you should be able to find a multitude of options to help out. These things don’t have to cost a fortune, and everyone will benefit from all those extra cuddles you will both get.

Round Up

When you get to a stage where these home help ideas are not giving you and your dog the benefits you need then it may be time for you to look at some alternatives and get some dog arthritis medication.

Before you rush towards putting a lot of chemicals in to your dogs body, take a look on the link below at the holistic treatment method I recommend as the best joint supplement for dogs

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