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This latest help in joint care for dogs, comes from Wetnozehealth, and contains around 3 times the normal dose of TURMERIC, as well as the usual dog arthritis meds ingredients, MSM, CHONDROITIN & GLUCOSAMINE. These last 3 ingredients have been around for a long time helping in joint medication in dogs, but are now joined by Turmeric, which experts now agree is one of the best supplements for dogs with arthritis.

Recent research on Turmeric has described it as Natures Most Potent Anti-nflammatory and Antioxidant, and is now included in many arthritis supplements for dogs. (It is also now widely recommended for humans with the same problems).

One recent happy customer, Felicity, wrote about her dog Keira after a course of Turmeric Hip and Joint Complex, that she had seen a dramatic improvement in her general health, she was happy, has more energy and was showing no discomfort after long walks.

Turmeric Hip and Joint Complex is a natural joint supplement for dogs of any size, and comes from the WETNOZEHEALTH which is a small company specializing in in holistic health and using nothing but natural products.

The Turmeric ingredient in this product is at three times the usual dose in such products. This is because recent research has found that Turmeric helps reduce inflammation, treats digestive problems and helps fight some infections and some cancers.

This premium product is suitable for puppies, adult and senior dogs. The container has 120 beef flavored chews which can be given as half a chew for puppies, a whole chew for dogs up to around 60 pounds and two chews daily for larger dogs.


Turmeric Hip and Joint Complex is at the forefront of this kind of medication and it’s results have been dramatic in helping dogs overcome joint problems.


WETNOSEHEALTH offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase.

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